Our Mission

The Institute's mission is to be a centre of excellence and an international leader in care for the dying from bedside to policy through service innovation, research and development and knowledge transfer. It enables clinical excellence that makes a real and sustained difference to dying people and their relatives and carers, in order to influence those who shape and deliver healthcare for the dying.

Our Mission



Strategic Priorities 

The Institute's vision is to be an international leader, a collaborative partner and a centre of research excellence for care of the dying.  It aims to facilitate and support those who want to make a local, national or international difference to drive up quality for care of the dying.

  • Patient Focus: We must make a real and sustained difference at the bedside for dying patients and their carers.
  • Subject Focus: We recognise the need to use collective expertise in developing the most appropriate service innovation, research and development, and knowledge transfer and evaluation methodologies.  This will enable us to retain a patient and carer focus, balancing practical application with robust investigation in care of the dying.
  • Transparency: We are an Institute that values people first and to achieve our mission we must engage those who shape and deliver healthcare across international boundaries.  We aim to report success and failure and always seek the opinion of people outside of our Institute.
  • Collaboration: We recognise that to achieve our mission we must collaborate within our Institute and with external collaborative partners to earn and preserve the trust of those we aim to support, locally, nationally and internationally.
  • Service Innovation that drives up sustained quality and productivity.
  • Research and Development that makes a difference to patient care.
  • Knowledge transfer rooted in research excellence.
  • Clinical excellence in care of the dying.
  • International collaboration.


Lay Summary

Our aim at the Institute is to be a recognised centre which improves the care for the dying, locally, nationally and internationally. This is mainly done through research, training and also finding new ways to help doctors and nurses to provide the best care possible and improve care for patients, their families and loved ones. We work with other experts on studies that give us strong and reliable evidence. This evidence tells us about the best way to care for and support patients and their families at the end of life. It also shows us what changes will be needed within our health care to support doctors and nurses to provide better care.